Bridgette H.
He does amazing work !!!

Ashley W.
He is absolutely amazing.. I had breast implants put in. I “was” a size B cup I wanted to be a size D cup! I’ve always wanted bigger breasts I’m 28 years old im small boned & have a little figure. I weigh 130 pounds now just to give you an idea.. But in high school I wanted them so badly! My mom works with Dr.Han when I told her I was looking to get it done she said your going to Dr.Han he’s the best she’s a fantastic RN recovers alot of his patients. BUT end of rambling surgery went so Amazing 25 minutes I was out & in recovery room Im 4 days post op so I still have to see him Monday for my follow up to take bandages off but all around he makes you feel comfortable very straight to the point which I love a person like that & he’s VERY NICE!

Veschelley P.
The day of my surgery Dr. Hauw explained my procedure to me marked my areas, asked me did I have any question or concerns about me surgery he was funny and professional.

Kelly N.
Dr. Han is absolutely amazing! I recommend him to everyone! He fixed me up when I had an implant deflate. Amazing work he does!

Mindy E.
I highly recommend Dr. Han to anyone who is looking for quality care with amazing results. Dr. Han is the BEST!