Areola: Pigmented skin surrounding the nipple.

Blepharoplasty: Eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both.

Breast augmentation: Also known as augmentation mammaplasty, breast enlargement by surgery.

Breast reduction: Also known as reduction mammaplasty, reduction of breast size by surgery.

Brow lift: A surgical procedure to correct a low-positioned or sagging brow. Smoothes furrows across the forehead and between the brows.

Ectropion: When the lower eyelid is rolled outward after eyelid surgery; often a temporary condition.

Endoscope: A surgical video device sometimes used during brow lift procedures.

Excision: To remove the skin.

General anesthesia: Drugs and/or gases used during an operation to relieve pain and alter consciousness.

Hematoma: Blood pooling beneath the skin.

Intravenous sedation: Sedatives administered by injection into a vein to help you relax.

Liposuction: also called lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, this procedure vacuums out fat from beneath the skin’s surface to reduce fullness

Local anesthesia: A drug injected directly to the site of an incision during an operation to relieve pain.

Financing options for cosmetic procedures

We offer several methods of payment that allow you to keep monthly installments low and setup payment plans that fit you best. Please visit the following preferred provider links or call to learn more about special financing offers available through each of the loan providers we work with:

Please contact our office to learn about further flexible financing options if you do not find these resources suitable. Processing fees through Dr. Han’s office may apply. Some rates are promotional and subject to change. Please check rates prior to your procedure.